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Korttelikoti - Residential Quarter-Association


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Korttelikoti Oy is a nonprofit residential quarter association for the public good. It operates in cooperation with local residents and various authorities, in spirit of sustainable development.

Among other things, the association offers free-time activities and a meeting place for (elderly) people, and coordinates projects related to working capacity, health and integration of immigrants.

Social & health

Objectives of the Good Practice

  • To increase social inclusion and communality
  • Contribute to physical and mental well-being

Participants of the Good Practice

  • City of Kotka
  • Different management corps of city
  • Labor Force Bureau
  • Social Insurance Institution (KELA)
  • Employment and Economic Development Centre
  • Residents

Target group of the Good Practice

Local residents

Funding of the Good Practice

The city of Kotka pays the rent of three quarter homes and the salaries of seven employees. Employment and Economic Development Centre (TE-keskus)takes care of the salaries off six workers. Labor Force Bureau profits subsidies for employment and some money is also received from the compensations for expenses that the association charges on services.

More Details of the Good Practice

The main function of the association is the maintenance of four quarter homes. Outside the opening hours the homes are accessible for the neighborhood residents around the clock. The homes are a popular place to organize family celebrations and meetings of housing cooperatives and associations.

The association also engages unemployed people with different kinds of employment subsidies to help indigent elderly people. The helping may be for example cleaning, walking outdoors, shopping, socializing, mowing lawn and shoveling snow.

Korttelikotiyhdistys also has a bookkeeping office that serves associations in matters related to bookkeeping and financial statements

In each of the quarter homes there's a professional sewer who repairs your clothes etc. and charges only a compensation for expenses.

Documentation and documents

Homepage of the Association: http://www.korttelikoti.fi (in Finnish)

Available files

Contact details

Kotkan Korttelikotiyhdistys Ry -
Kotka Residential Quarter Association

Marja Paldan, Executive director
Ututie 11, FIN-48350 KOTKA
Phone: +358 5 234 5619 or +358 40 525 999
Email: marja.paldan@korttelikoti.fi

Data sources and references

Homepage of the Association: http://www.korttelikoti.fi (Visited on the 27th of February 2009)