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Sustainable renovation of a housing district


Detailed description of the Good Practice

A housing district from the 1950's was renovated in a project called Ecocity Augustenborg. Building insulation was improved, a local and open storm water system was built, the yards and the district park and the school yard were renovated. Before the physical renovation a dialogue process was initiated with inhabitants, school children and other groups. Other social activities also started during the project, for instance a meeting point for youngsters and a theatre group for elderly people.

Sustainable city development

Objectives of the Good Practice

The primary objective was to improve the image of the housing district, that had a lot of empty flats and some social problems. It was also necessary to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings and the storm water system which was inadequate for heavy rains. Ecocity Augustenborg was a 3-year project in the end of the 1990ies, but some work has continued up til now.

Participants of the Good Practice

The city of Malmö was the project leader, and the main partner was the municipal housing company, MKB.

Target group of the Good Practice

For the inhabitants of Augustenborg, for the municipal housing company and for the city of Malmo.

Funding of the Good Practice

It was initially funded by the city of Malmö, the municipal housing company MKB, and the Swedish government. Actitivities that are still going on are funded by the city of Malmö and MKB.

More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents

Available files

Augustenborg.pdf236.54 KiB

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Data sources and references

http://www.malmo.se/download/18.4a2cec6a10d0ba37c0b800012620/aug_echoes_of_tomorrow.pdf (as an attachment)