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'Smile - Sustainable transports in Malmö'


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Through the EC funded Civitas SMILE project a number of measures to improve the traffic environment in Malmö are being implemented. Approximately 20 measures within public transport, biogas, car sharing, eco-driving and GPS navigation puts Malmö on the map. The actual measures are being executed by private companies, the city of Malmö and the Region of Skåne during the period 2005-2009. Malmö is working within a European partnership with Tallinn, Norwich, Suceava and Potenza in the project.

Some examples:

  • On the spot and on time - 215 215: With a new GPS and GPRS navigation system the delivery firm has developed better control and efficiency leading to less overall mileage in Malmö.
  • Vehicles running on waste - E.ON: A new waste treatment plant will upgrade sewage biogas to natural gas quality. Two new gas filling stations are also being erected.
  • Clean cars and drivers - UMAS: The Malmö University Hospital UMAS is replacing half of their car fleet with clean vehicles and is training 300 of their drivers in eco-driving.

Sustainable transportation

Objectives of the Good Practice

The objectives were to improve the traffic environment in Malmö and to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. The project is running during the period 2005-2009.

Participants of the Good Practice

Private companies, the city of Malmö and the Region of Skåne are participating in the project.

Target group of the Good Practice

Primarily for the inhabitants of Malmö.

Funding of the Good Practice

It is initially funded by the European Commission, the city of Malmö, the Region of Skåne and private companies. When the project has ended, the city, the region and the private companies will fund the methods.

More Details of the Good Practice

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Contact details

annika.kruuse@malmo.se (as an attachment)
jesper.konig@malmo.se (as an attachment)