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Mylly - Multicultural Operation Centre


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Mylly is a multicultural operation centre that is run by immigrants living in Kotka. It's purpose is to improve interaction between immigrants and Finns, to increase tolerance and to show off the ethnic athmosphere in the town. The centre is created as a result of an ESR-funded project led by the city of Kotka.

Mylly has been in full operation since October 2007 offering room and possibilities for four companies run by foreign entrepreneurs, a restaurant, a shop, meetings and courses, cultural events, exhibitions and all kind of trainings. Mylly is also a workplace to over 20 persons representing 9 different nationalities.

Social integration

Objectives of the Good Practice

The main aim of Mylly is to activate immigrants to act with stakeholders to offer premises and conditions for co-operation between Finns and immigrants, their learning together and sharing their experiences in surroundings created for them.

Participants of the Good Practice

  • City of Kotka
  • Immigrants living in the area

Target group of the Good Practice

Mainly immigrants

Funding of the Good Practice

  • City of Kotka
  • Finnish Ministry of Education
  • RAY (Finnish Slot Machine Association)
  • ESR (European Social Foundation)
  • Private sponsors

More Details of the Good Practice

Mylly is also the location of Finland’s only virtual museum of Russian arts. This virtual museum, with the help of new technology, enables becoming acquainted with Russian arts, history and culture. Individual computers as well as presentations to bigger groups are available.

Mylly offers individual persons, corporations and communities a chance to rent premises for example for celebration, training or recreational purposes (sauna, club room, patio and so on). We also have a hair stylist and a beauty saloon, as well as other businesses started by immigrants, in our premises

Documentation and documents

Homepage of the association: http://www.mylly.eu

Available files

Contact details

Mylly - Multicultural Operation Centre
Gutzeitintie 14
Phone: +358 400 659 696
Fax: +358 05 215 669
Michael Baumberger, executive director
Email: michael.baumberger@mylly.eu

Data sources and references

Homepage of the association: http://www.mylly.eu (Visited on the 2nd of March 2009)