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Awareness raising through excursions


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The city of Pori has tried to enhance environmental awareness by encouraging people to use surrounding nature by lowering the mental and physical barriers in various ways. Pori is known as a ”bird city”. A total number of 333 bird species has been observed in the area of the city, which can be considered a Finnish record among municipalities in Finland. It's no wonder, that the oldest Finnish local ornithological society was founded in Pori in 1959. The Pori area is an ideal area for migrating and resting birds.
The city of Pori has been active in introducing remarkable sites to local residents.

Since the beginning of the 90’s, the city has established over 30 kilometres of hiking routes and 12 nature towers and platforms in the most valuable nature areas. The starting point of creating this network has been very much bird watching based. Now the city authorities will put more emphasis also on increasing the awareness that hiking routes are not only for skilled nature enthusiasts, but also for joggers, strollers, berry pickers and other people who want to use their own muscles when spending their leisure
time in the nature.
More emphasis has also been put to constructing nature towers with large ramps, which can be easily visited by disabled people or people with small children. Pori has also realized that the constructions that have been called “bird towers” actually should be called “nature towers” or “landscape towers”, because especially citizens near densely populated areas largely use towers for admiring the beauty of their own local landscape during an evening walk. Nevertheless, this helps them in seeing the values of their environment in a new way and commits people more to take care of their environment, although they cannot necessarily recognize a single bird specie.

awareness raising
environmental education

Objectives of the Good Practice

The objective was to raise the people awareness about their environment by facilitaing them with possibilities like hiking routes, bird watch towers etc.

Participants of the Good Practice

City of Pori

Target group of the Good Practice


More Details of the Good Practice

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Contact details

Seppo Salonen
+358 2 621 1217

Data sources and references

Baltic Cities Environmental Bulletin 1/2007