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Detailed description of the Good Practice

The city of Aalborg has embraced an extensive overall city planning scheme that aims at total reconstruction of an old harbour area. The project includes among other things a new concert hall, residential areas and office space. Planning process for the redevelopment of the harbour area was started in 1992 and these plans have since been gradually implemented. Activities to reconstruct the harbour involve several projects. Particular focus has been placed on reconstruction of the old industrial area along the waterfront on both sides of the fjord to contemporary urban district with multifunctional activities.

The flagship project of the whole endeavour is construction of a new concert hall, Musikkens Hall, which is built on the site of a demolished power plant. The hall is a common effort of Aalborg municipality, Aalborg university and County of North Jutland. Other redevelopment projects include residential areas and office space, areas with recreation opportunities, parks and commercial areas.

All reconstruction has been executed with respect to the historical values of the area and old buildings have been saved where possible. Participatory aspect has served as a guiding principle during the process and citizen involvement has been encouraged and the municipality has entered into partnership agreements with local businesses
The redevelopment programme has improved the visual image of the town and increased the quality of living. It has also increased citizens’ interest in city planning issues.

  • urban planning
  • reconstruction of old sites

Objectives of the Good Practice

The overall goal for the reconstruction of the harbour area was to strengthen and to develop Aalborg’s identity as a city by the water and to achieve diversity, life and variation. The reconstruction of former industrial areas, which used to block the connections between the city and the water, aimed at creating a framework for an active and varied urban lifestyle.

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UBC Environmental Award 2003