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Participation in Local Agenda 21


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The City Council of Buetzow made the decision to start an Agenda 21 process in 1997. The Agenda 21 office was implemented in the municipality and the Agenda 21 working group and youth council started their work as well.
Buetzow won an award of the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for good practice in participation of young people in 1998 and the Agenda 21 project is a model-project of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The Agenda 21 project consited of three project areas:
1. Participation of inhabitants in decision-planning- and realisation processes
2. Sustainable economical and social development of Buetzow as part of the Warnow region
3. Creation of a positive image of the city and supra-regional work

Additional to that, in the field of education different projects are carried out involving schools.

To measure the outcome of the projects, an indicator system for sustainability was developed.

  • Local Agend 21
  • participation

Objectives of the Good Practice

The main aim of the Agenda 21 was to find a way for a sustainable development, which leads to a better quality of the city for settlement of trade and industry.
The following vision was the basis of the work:" Buetzow will be a fmaily friendly town with an intact environment as a centre in an agricultural region. All the citizens are involved in the city development process"

The Agenda 21 started in 1997

Target group of the Good Practice

for the city and its inhabitants

More Details of the Good Practice

The three project areas included:
1. Participation of inhabitants:

  • youth council
  • workgroup Agenda 21
  • senior council
  • cooperative planning
  • education for sustainability
  • communication and Agenda 21
  • communication and Agenda 21
  • Children getting experiences in communal processes

2. Sustainable economical and social development

  • concept for culture and sustainable tourism
  • public welfare oriented work
  • regional cycles
  • development of infrastructures
  • youth companies

3. Creation of a positive image of the city and supra-regional work:

  • advertising concept
  • slogan and logo
  • creatio of local networks
  • participation in regional projects (e.g. Warnow region)
  • participation in supraregional projects (e.g. with Sillanmäe)

Those action should lead to a more sustainable development of the municipality and involve a big number of citizens in the city-development process.

A project office was established in the CIty Hall, with two employees. They are usually assisted by a volunteer.
Additionally two self-employed people contribute to the Agenda work.

Available files

Contact details

Lothar Stroppe
Am Markt 1
18246 Buetzow
Tel.: +49 38461 50-111

Dr. Mathias Alsleben
gartenstrasse 42
18246 Buetzow
Tel.: +49 38461 52272

Data sources and references

UBC Environmental Award application 2001