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The successful attracting of the stakeholders


Detailed description of the Good Practice

In 1997-2000 the international project in the framework of TACIS Cross Border Cooperation programme was implemented. One of the project’s aims was the financial supporting and attracting of public attention to the problem of animals keeping in Kaliningrad Zoo.
The Zoo is the biggest and the oldest in Europe. Nowadays the Zoo has about 315 animal’s species and 54 are in The Red Book. To keep all these animals, the Zoo needs considerable financing. Within the project the guardianship programme was proposed to Kaliningrad enterprises. The practice meaning of proposed programme was the following: sponsor (guardian) took over the guardianship one of the animals of the Zoo and covered all financial expenditure for animal’s keeping. The guardian (sponsor) can give the name to babies of the guarded animal (also he can give the name like name of the enterprise), organize promo – actions and holidays on the Zoo territory, place the advertisement of the enterprise on the open-air cage of the guarded animal. The proposed variant of attracting stakeholders got the great reaction from the enterprises because it was the optimal way of the mutually beneficial cooperation. The proposed practice is widely implemented in Kaliningrad Zoo now. Today the Zoo has 11 organizations – guardians and 25 organizations – sponsors. Approximately 10 programmes for animals supporting were developed by Marketing and Education Unit of Kaliningrad Zoo. These programmes are functioning at present time.

Private-state partnership

Objectives of the Good Practice

The aim of the present successful practice was the realization of the financial supporting and attracting of public attention to the problem of animals keeping in Kaliningrad Zoo

Participants of the Good Practice

In the present project took part the following representatives: the employees of Kaliningrad Zoo, City District Administration, the attracted experts-consultants and the interested private enterprises of the city. For example, the store “KENGURU” that sell the bags and different kinds of baggage, is the guardian of Kangaroo Bennet; the children store “KROHA” provides the sponsor support for Grey Baltic Seal (see foto).

Target group of the Good Practice

During the practice realization the main target group were private enterprises of the city

More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents

Further information concerning the nowadays programmes of sponsorship is presented on the official site of Kaliningrad Zoo http://zoo.kaliningrad.net/index.php?type=109
The site is available only in Russian.

Available files

Contact details

Khabidova Anna
MI EC "ECAT-Kaliningrad"
E-mail: ecat2@mail.ru
+7 4012 96 53 80