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Positive example of the implementation of Environmental Management System


Detailed description of the Good Practice

In view of the geographic situation of our region and intensive industrial development of the city there is a necessity of getting the certificates on Environmental Management System for the enterprises of Kaliningrad. To eliminate the lack of information in the sphere of Environmental Management and to demonstrate the benefits from Environmental Management System implementation from support of “Life Third Countries” programme Environmental Management System was implemented and certificated on the municipal enterprises “Kaliningradteploset” and “Vodocanal”.

Sustainable Development

Objectives of the Good Practice

The main target of the present good practice was the promotion of Environmental Management System implementation on the municipal enterprises of our city by means of successful example of “Kaliningradteploset” and “Vodocanal”.
It took the enterprises 3 years to prepare for EMS implementation and certification.

Participants of the Good Practice

In the realization of the present project the next participants took part: City District Administration “City of Kaliningrad”, Municipal Environmental Centre “EKAT-Kaliningrad”, municipal enterprises of Kaliningrad, the consulting companies (Greece).

Target group of the Good Practice

Target group: Municipal Unitary Enterprise «Kaliningradteploset» and Municipal Unitary Enterprise «Vodocanal», the other enterprises

Funding of the Good Practice

During preparation of the enterprises for the certification the financing had been carried out by the project funds and by the enterprises’ means. At present time the enterprises maintain the implemented Environmental Management System by own means and verify every year by getting the certificates.

More Details of the Good Practice

The certification of the enterprises was carried out in the framework of international project “Building Environmental Capacity in Municipal Enterprises “Kaliningradteploset” and “Vodocanal” through EMAS implementation” LIFE 03 TCY/ROS/000068. In the result of the project implementation the municipal enterprises “Vodocanal” and “Kaliningradteploset” got ISO 14000/2004 and EMAS certificates. These enterprises got the certificates on EMAS (Environmental Management and Audit System) the first in Russia. The present practices allowed attract the attention of the representatives and directors of the enterprises to the benefits of the Environmental Management System Implementation. Also it helps disseminate the information about sustainable development principles.

Documentation and documents

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Contact details

Anna Khabidova
MI EC "ECAT-Kaliningrad"
+7 4012 96 53 80
E-mail: ecat2@mail.ru