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Effective Information


Detailed description of the Good Practice

In the framework of project “Matruschka” the citizens’ comments were collected. The comments were under questions of the optimizations road traffic system of the city. To achieve the aim the joint work with Regional newspaper “Argumenty I Facty” was carried out. In “Argumenty I Facty” the variants for development of the road traffic net were published. The effectiveness of variants was estimated with the help of the special computer programmes. The citizens of Kaliningrad could give their own comments and proposals; also suggest the alternative variants for optimization of the road traffic net and improving air condition.

Attraction of the citizens to the process of city planning: active usage of the mass media for getting public opinions about problem of transport development in Kaliningrad.

Objectives of the Good Practice

Such practice had as its objects:
1.Collecting the comments of the representatives of different public group.
2.To attract the attention of the public to the solving of this problem.
Period of the realization and information processing in the framework of the successful practice is 6 weeks.

Participants of the Good Practice

Municipal Institution Environmental Centre “EKAT-Kaliningrad”, City District Administration “City of Kaliningrad”, the periodical newspaper “Argumenty I Fakty. Kaliningrad” were the initiators of collecting the information.

Target group of the Good Practice

Present practice were aimed to the different public group

More Details of the Good Practice

During last two years Municipal Institution Environmental Centre “ECAT-Kaliningrad” jointly with City District Administration was implementing the work for optimal ways of traffic network development allowing to improve atmospheric air quality.
The project resulted at modeling of IMPACT REDUCTION SCENARIOS, which effectiveness has been evaluated with the help of models: CARUSO, FARM and TREFIC. These scenarios were developed taking into account activities planned up to 2015 and proposals of the stakeholders. Developed variants of road traffic net optimization were published in Regional newspaper “Argumenty I Facty” . The collecting of citizens comments were organized in the office of newspaper. All collected comments were given to “EKAT-Kaliningrad”, where the comments were analyzed and accounted for development of the variants of optimization of the road traffic net in Kaliningrad.

Available files

Contact details

Anna Khabidova
MI EC "ECAT-Kaliningrad"
+7 4012 96 53 80
E-mail: ecat2@mail.ru