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Healthy Ageing in Jurmala, Latvia


Detailed description of the Good Practice

In Jurmala town in Latvia, live a great number of people whose age is above operational capability and the proportion among all inhabitants is 24.3%, which is the highest between 7 bigger towns of Latvia.
Municipality is paying great attention to active life of people, whose age is over operational capability.
Social service is provided by municipality, institutional care for 140 persons, if necessary house care and possibility to get the consultation from social care specialist in Welfare department.
Municipality has determined three special benefits as financial supports for elder people living alone (also for health care).
All “ageing people” have family doctor (GP), who duty is not only treat patients, but also do prophylactic work. There are organized actions and meetings about different themes (diabetes mellitus, women health etc.) in cooperation with “Health promotion centre”.
HIV/AIDS and drug addiction prophylaxis programs are realized in Jurmala and with support of this program everyone in the town can get necessary information about theses themes to understand the current situation and feel safe.
Persons, who are classified as poor person, are free of paying for treatment in health care centers and hospitals, as well as they can get financial support for housekeeping.
To organize social aid and social service according to elderly people prior interests, these people are included in Social aid commission, whose main task is to determine priorities of social sphere, give evaluation of realized social policy and give suggestions for municipality.

Jurmala department of Latvian Pensioners federation is actively working in our town, especially in collecting elderly people, who are fond of active way of life. During their meetings they are discussing political life and socio-economic factors both in town and country. The Federation pass their opinion about different processes and questions to town council, in such way taking part in lawmaking. Federation is organizing excursions and different other activities for its members, which are financed by town council. Jurmala town has several quires and dance collectives of elderly people, which are very active and taking part in public celebrations and festivals.

Representatives from “elderly people group” are included in the Jurmala town Council Integration Committee, which is working out town development plan in sphere of intersectional and social integration. The most important decisions of Jurmala town council are analyzed in Inhabitants advisory coun-cil, whose members are representatives of all society groups – businessmen, teachers, doctors etc. as well as retired people. These people are active and have enough energy to take part in public work of municipality.

Future plans
Realize all activities mentioned before with support of European community structural funds. We are planning to open Centre for retired persons, where these people can meet, discuss their problems and get necessary information about healthy living from specialists, as well as make physical activities un-der supervision of trained personnel.
Develop projects which support elderly people with suitable housing, where they can get also social support.
Protect elderly people from violence by organizing campaigns and informing citizens about this prob-lem.
To enlarge transport service for elderly people (discounts, additional transport if necessary, etc.)

Objectives of the Good Practice

The overall objective of the programme is to ensure the active participation of eldery people of Jurmala in society.

Target group of the Good Practice

Eldery people of Jurmala

Funding of the Good Practice

Europen Funds

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

Contact details

Laima Grobina
Head of Board
Jurmala City Welfare Board

Melluzu pr. 83
2008 Jurmala
Tel: +371 7767316
Fax +371 7767316
E-mail: laima.grobina@inbox.lv

Data sources and references


Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association
WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Cities and Urban Health in the Baltic Region