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Active Living in Jurmala


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Every year Jurmala City Council accepted Sports Activities Plan, financed by municipality. There are many possibilities to engage in different kind of sport activities. They are for both professional sportsmen and people, who do it as leisure activities.
In Jurmala we have bikeway, which is 25 km long and it is planned to make it longer in near future. Also very popular are beach volleyball and football, because town has long beach with yellow sand. These sports are popular among town inhabitants and also for tourists as leisure activities, because special playgrounds are built in beach with support of municipality.
Every year town is organizing competitions in following kinds of sport with financial support of Jurmala town council:
• Track and field crosses races twice per year
• Skating competitions in three rounds
• Beach volleyball tournament in 3 stages with the final in the end
• Beach football “Jurmala council cup” in 5 stages– both for professionals and all participants, who want to participate
• Cycling competitions along beach
• Sport project “Pepija” and “Pakavins” for people with functional movement limitations
• International competitions in boxing and callisthenics.
Jurmala town education system is realizing 53 sport education programmes and town council has good collaboration with Jurmala public sport organizations in organizing different kinds of sport competitions. The coordination of sport activities in town is done by Culture and Sport Department of town council and it is updated in the beginning of each month and then the information is provided to inhabitants by press and mass information devices.

Objectives of the Good Practice

To create the sport opportunities for the inhabitants of Jurmala.

Target group of the Good Practice

Both for professional sportsmen and people, who do sport as leisure activities.

More Details of the Good Practice

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Contact details

Laima Grobina
Head of Board
Jurmala City Welfare Board

Melluzu pr. 83
2008 Jurmala
Tel: +371 7767316
Fax +371 7767316
E-mail: laima.grobina@inbox.lv

Data sources and references


Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association
WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Cities and Urban Health in the Baltic Region