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City Health Development Plan - Helsingborg


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The council of the City of Helsingborg has decided on areas of improvement emanating from the Health Profile of the City. The Council has stated that these are very important challenges concerning all the different departments of the City. All the departments are to report back once a year on their progress and in connection with planning finances the departments are to report on their ambition for the coming years, within each area of improvement. This system of reporting and planning is to be repeated annu-ally.
Areas of improvement:

  • Lack of housing
  • Unemployment
  • Insecurity, violence and crime
  • Growing up conditions of the children
  • Addiction to alcohol, drugs and tobacco
  • Physical activity and eating habits
  • Air quality

Very soon we experienced that the areas of improvement were too many to deal with at the same time. To stress the efforts of our City the Council of the City therefore in June 2005 decides on a few strate-gies that will facilitate the work on those improvements. Various committees and departments in the city will become responsible for those strategies and its goals in order to implement, and stress the im-portance of and the necessity to take into account the wider determinants of health.

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Contact details

Elisabeth Bengtsson
Healthy City Project Coordinator
Department of Welfare and Sustainable Development

The City of Helsingborg The City Hall
City Hall - S 251 89 Helsingborg
Tel: +46 42 10 49 11
Tel:+46 705 93 49 11
Fax: +46 42 160 965
E-mail: elisabeth.bengtsson@helsingborg.seThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Data sources and references


Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association
WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Cities and Urban Health in the Baltic Region