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Health Impact Assessment - Helsingborg


Detailed description of the Good Practice

We have formed a tool that will be the entry point and exit point of HIA in Helsingborg.
We are in the process of creating a tool somewhere in between screening and rapid appraisal.
During our work we have tested various proposals from various departments only to understand how we must form the tool.
In June 2005 we will have a first draft of the tool
Thereafter we will work together with politicians from different committees to have their view of the tool and make changes accordingly.
We will also test the tool on one or two different proposals.
During this summer we will describe the experiences of our first steps in this process.
One of the most important experiences is that you have to create the tool yourself with the prerequisites of your city. The tool also must support the political priorities of the City to be able to support manage-ment. Furthermore there are no shortcuts in mainstreaming; you have to create an understanding inside the organization first.
Another experience of great value is that you are dealing with at least three different processes at the same time:
1.The process of decision-making from having an idea up until making a decision.
2.The process of the working group
3.The process of forming the tools.

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

Contact details

Elisabeth Bengtsson
Healthy City Project Coordinator
Department of Welfare and Sustainable Development

The City of Helsingborg The City Hall
City Hall - S 251 89 Helsingborg
Tel: +46 42 10 49 11
Tel:+46 705 93 49 11
Fax: +46 42 160 965
E-mail: elisabeth.bengtsson@helsingborg.seThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Data sources and references


Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association
WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Cities and Urban Health in the Baltic Region