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City Health Development Plan in Horsens


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The health policy initiatives taken locally in the City of Horsens build on the City’s working relationship with Vejle County, legislation, and the health promotion and preventive policy initiatives taken at national level.
The planning and the policy conducted at regional and national levels therefore form an important part of the basis underlying the City of Horsens’ health policy. The Government Public Health Programme 1999-2008 is an action-oriented programme for a healthier framework in everyday life. The public health programme is a part of the basis on which Horsens’ health policy is formulated.

These health policy goals indicate that:
1. the aim of joint efforts with the citizen must be health promotion and preventive initiatives
2. the work must be based in the local community and be both holistic and cross-disciplinary
3. the work and the joint efforts must be based in the citizens’ resources
4. the citizen must accept co-responsibility for development of his or her own situation
5. an attempt must be made to ensure conditions for all in which to live a rich and dignified life.
6. the focus of the City’s initiatives must be directed towards the weakest members of the community.
The City Health Plan is an integrated part of the masterplan – it follows hereby that the ownership and the responsibility of working towards a healthier city is shared, it belongs to all departments. The coher-ence and co-operation within the political/administrative/citizens level is expressed in: The Horsens Declaration on Sustainability & Health for All.

Objectives of the Good Practice

The goals of the City of Horsens are:
1. the placing of preventive and health promotion initiatives at the top of Horsens’ agenda
2. a strengthening of the teamwork and the coherence in the health area
3. creation of the best possible conditions for continued development of Horsens’ preventive and health promotion work
4. the creation of permanent frameworks for genuine involvement of and support for groups wishing to play an active role in the health promotion process
5. anchoring of the sustainable projects and experiences developed in the Healthy City in the municipal administration
6. retention and further development of the role and the reputation which Horsens has gained both nationally and internationally in its health promotion and preventive work.

More Details of the Good Practice

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Contact details

Inge Kristiansen
Healthy City Project Coordinator
Horsens Healthy Cities

Municipality of Horsens
Raadhustorvet 4
DK-8700 Horsens
Tel: +45 76 2935 27
Fax: +45 76 29 35 30
e-mail: ssikri@horsens.dkThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
WWW: http://www.sundbyhorsens.dk/

Data sources and references


Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association
WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Cities and Urban Health in the Baltic Region