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Equality in active living


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The Municipality of Horsens approved a health policy and a sports policy in May 2007. An important vision of both of these policies is promoting equality in health. To make this vision a reality, an important target is to promote physical activity for the most vulnerable groups, especially among children and youth. Partnerships with local voluntary groups and organizations are crucial to make the vision a reality and to achieve the targets.

The following action has been taken in cooperation with these groups and organizations:
In the Leisure Time Passport project, two leisure time and physical activity counsellors will undertake, in cooperation with local schools, to spot children and youth living in families with various forms of addictions and make sure that they are integrated into some form of organized sport (including paying the necessary fees and providing transport). Motivation and sustaining motivation over time is a great challenge. The counsellors will generally develop the opportunities for sports and active living within schools and sports associations to better fit the needs of the target group. The project is cooperating with a local volunteer group with exactly this kind of experience, also in terms of ethnic youth. More information about the project (in danish) can be found from: http://www.social.dk/global/nyheder/Nyheder/fritidspas.html

In the Power Centre project, a local association in charge of a community centre provided by the Municipality for clean drug addicts, many of whom are very young, will develop opportunities for physical activity and healthy diet for the target group over four years. People 16–25 years old are a priority within the project. The project has a four-year duration, as sustainability and motivation are crucial dimensions. Physical activity will be part of the therapy offered to the young addicts.

The Movement is Cool project offers three-month courses on physical activity and healthy diet to se-verely overweight children and their families. Horsens Healthy City is cooperating with a local umbrella organization for local sports associations.

In the Sports are Fun! project, local volunteers offer an opportunity for physical activity twice a week for children under 12 and their families in a disadvantaged housing estate (many of whom are from ethnic families with no tradition for sports).

Project for at-risk children and young people
Horsens Healthy City has applied for funds from the Ministry of Social Affairs for the project “Equality in Health – Leisure Guidance for At-risk Children aged 8- 15.” The application was prepared in cooperation with a voluntary association which has been working for several years to motivate at-risk children and young people to engage in sport. The object is to give at-risk children and young people a chance to participate in an active everyday life via group activities with other children and young people in sports associations. The project is intended to help children who do not take part in leisure activities because of social or financial problems, and provides guidance on choice of activities and support for subscriptions, equipment and transport in cooperation with schools, after-school and leisure clubs, and family treatment centres. The project will run over two years.

Healthy Children in a Healthy City
With the project “Healthy Children in a Healthy City”, the City of Horsens plans to strengthen its initiatives in the area of diet and exercise among children aged 0-6. In cooperation with staff in day activities, the project will focus on healthy diet, exercise and hygiene among children in child-minding, and involve their parents in order to provide inspiration for a healthy lifestyle in the family at home. The project will run over three years. The project is an element in the general municipal health policy “Healthy Citizens in a Healthy City in a Healthy Future”.

Get Going Denmark/Horsens
The City of Horsens is participating in the nationwide campaign “Get Going Denmark". The object is to make the population more physically active and to advise of the beneficial effects of physical activity, and inspire and support municipalities, organisations, workplaces etc. to engage in physical activities.
Further information can be found in www.gangidanmark.dk

Schools and citizens go mountain climbing
The exercise campaign “To the Top of Mount Everest” is a part of the Denmark on the Move campaign and is proceed-ing in a partnership between the City of Horsens, two other municipalities, and the gym-nastics associations’ organisation, state forest districts and nature organisations. The campaign is intended to inspire schools to engage in new exercise activities on the annual exercise day for schools, 12 October. All citizens can also take part in a big competition to climb as high as possible on the many hills in the area during the schools’ autumn holidays. The campaign plays on the fact that Denmark has no genuine mountains, but there are numerous hills in attractive natural surroundings. Descriptions of hikes involving the various “mountains” are available on a website, and those interested in competing can tally up how many metres they have covered on each climb.
More information can be found in www.bestigbjerge.dk

Sports project for ex-drug addicts
The Keyhole is a drop-in centre for former drug addicts. The centre has applied for funds for a sports project from the Ministry of Social Affairs. The project has been granted support over a four year pe-riod. A project coordinator will be appointed together with a person to work with sport and diet for the target group, namely users from the Keyhole and other socially at-risk persons in the area.

The City of Horsens has a long history on breaking loneliness and making people meet in groups as a part of health promotion. More than 200 groups meet regularily as part of this work. In Horsens Healthy City, the staff in the Healthy City Shop are a part of the empowerment work in the city. A Citizen Consultant and a Project coordinator, coordinates networking activities as part of Active Living strategies.

Objectives of the Good Practice

To promote health and health equity among all citizens of Horsens.

Target group of the Good Practice

For all citizens of Horsens, especially for vulnerable groups, among other children and youth.

More Details of the Good Practice

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Contact details

Inge Kristiansen
Healthy City Project Coordinator
Horsens Healthy Cities

Municipality of Horsens
Raadhustorvet 4
DK-8700 Horsens
Tel: +45 76 2935 27
Fax: +45 76 29 35 30
e-mail: ssikri@horsens.dkThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
WWW: http://www.sundbyhorsens.dk/

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Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association
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