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Environmental School and Crime Prevention


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The Young environmentalists’ centre is an educational institution for extra-curricular activities arranging leisure time for schoolchildren in a meaningful way the purpose of which is to disclose and develop inborn and acquired abilities, to create favourable conditions for the development creativity and emotional values and in this way to implement socialization and early prevention of crime.
The diversity of animate nature, the unique natural surrounding, communication with society and family give perfect possibilities for the environmental education of schoolchildren.

The institution has been established on the basis of the Panevezys Young Naturalists’ Station which was founded already in 1966. Since 1991 the institution has a different name and educational contents. The staff consists of 19 teachers( 4 out of them have a permanent job, 14 teachers work as supervisors of different clubs according to terminable agreements). The administration consists of 3 and auxiliary staff consists of 14 people. Every year about 350 –400 schoolchildren of junior school age are regularly educated at the institution according to the prepared programmes. About 2 500- 3000 schoolchildren from other educational establishments of the city take part in different functions and about 5 000 –7 000 visit the centre as tourists. The institution occupies nearly 4 hectares of the territory of the city. About 60 animals of different kind are kept and taken care of here for the educational purposes.
Juvenile delinquency has been one of the most tender problems in a lot of countries for a long time. It is true that the level and nature of crime as well as the preventive measures differ from country to country, nevertheless, not a single country has ever been successful to escape this social phenomenon. The countries of Eastern and Central Europe particularly face the outbursts of violence among children and youth.
In Lithuania juvenile delinquency is not decreasing. According to the statistical data it is getting “harder” and “younger”.
In the activities of early prevention of juvenile delinquency 6 institutions of Panevezys city took part combining environmental and social goals.
Preventive programmes where several institutions participate are more effective than the efforts of one community alone.
Children belonging to the different risk groups were given pedagogical, psychological and economical assistance. Positive changes have been observed in children who have taken part in the projects. They have acquired practical skills of looking after animals and plants , economizing water, heat, electric power. They have also acquired the experience of environmental research activities.

crime prevention through environmental education

Objectives of the Good Practice

The objective was to educate children in the environmental centre for a raised awareness of environmental issues and prevent them for becoming criminal.

Participants of the Good Practice

The Young environmentalist Centre arranged and implemented the whole project.

Target group of the Good Practice

Children in Panevezys

More Details of the Good Practice

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Contact details

Regina Kliminskiene
Director of Young Naturalists School of Panevezys
Smelynes 171
5300 Panevezys
Tel: +370 5 461521
Fax: +370 5 461521

Zita Tverkute
Head of Department of Environment
Laisves A. 20
5300 Panevezys
Tel: +370 5 501217
Fax: +370 5 501352

Data sources and references

UBC Environmental Award Application 2001