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Improvement of communication accessibility


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Koszalin has been proactively involved for many years in improvement of communication accessibility and what is associated therewith in improvement of tourist attractiveness as well as dwellers' safety and natural environment protection. Such activity is perfectly matched with the proposed EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. The main Strategy assumptions are also the priorities for the municipality and they match up with the Strategy for Municipality Development and subsequent editions of the operational programme called Plan for Local Municipality Development.

urban planning
sustainable development

Objectives of the Good Practice

It is a priority for the municipality authorities to strive for improvement of Koszalin's attractiveness and at the same time the living standards of city dwellers.

Participants of the Good Practice

Municipality of Koszalin

Target group of the Good Practice

inhabitants of Koszalin

Funding of the Good Practice

All those projects have been co-financed with the external funds

More Details of the Good Practice

As one of the most important tasks re-opening of the civil aviation airport in Zegrze Pomorskie near Koszalin has been considered. In accordance with the preliminary forecasts putting the airport in operation will not only improve the tourist attractiveness but will result also in an outright increase of its economic potential.
Additionally, the municipality has been striving for raising of external funds for construction and reconstruction of roads improving the communication accessebility.
Last year a railway connection with the nearby seaside resort Mielno Koszalinskie was opened. An important element of municipality's strategic activities has also been to initiate a ferry line across lake Jamno, which has been scheduled for this year. This will make an element of the future Koszalin Riviera, i.e. a network of traffic connections between the seaside localities. The municipality also makes efforts to build an aquapark in Koszalin, which will definitely be an attraction both for the city and tourists.
All those actions serve the develop,emt of intra-regional traffic facilities and improvement of the region's cohesion and at the same time are aimed at making the city a supra-regional tourist traffic service center. The city authorities put a great pressure on development of the social and cultural spheres of life, therefore, one of the already accomplished operations was a thorough modernization of the Baltic Theatre of Drama and in the near future a sport and show hall as well as Koszalin Philarmonics edifice will be constructed.

Available files

Contact details

Ms. Joanna Wilczek
City Development and Foreign Relations Department
Phone: +48943488797
E-mail: joanna.wilczek@um.man.koszalin.pl

Data sources and references

The UBC Bulletin 1/2009
http://www.ubc.net/_podstrony/publications/bulletin/bulletin1_09/21.htm (Accessed October, 23, 2009)