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Municipal Water Services Project


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The White, Kara and Barents seas surround the Russian region of Arkhangelsk and the region’s almost 70,000 rivers and streams carry waters into the Barents Sea basin.

Despite its rich natural resources and its diversified industrial base, the Arkhangelsk region’s infrastructure is suffering from underinvestment and poor maintenance, which are causing environmental and health concerns.

One of the region’s priorities is improving its capital city’s water and wastewater infrastructure. This task is made more challenging due to the lack of long-term financing from local banks and the current tariffs, which cannot sustain the investment needed by the city of Arkhangelsk.

This project will be the region’s first step towards reaching Russian and EU environmental standards in the water and wastewater sector. The longer-term goal is improving the Vodocanal’s efficiency and reducing its operation and maintenance costs, water losses and discharges of untreated municipal wastewater into the Barents Sea basin.

water management
waste water management

Objectives of the Good Practice

  • Reductions in water loss and energy consumption
  • Improvements to the quality of potable water
  • Reduction of overflows and their negative impacts on groundwater and surface water quality
  • Better environmental conditions for aquatic fauna thanks to the overall improvements to water quality and the reduction of sedimentation
  • Reduction of untreated water and sludge discharge into the river Dvina
  • Safer working conditions in the city’s water treatment plant as environmental risks caused by chlorine would be reduced significantly

Participants of the Good Practice

Arkhangelsk Vodocanal, City of Arkhangelsk

Funding of the Good Practice

EBRD, Finland, Luxembourg, Sweden, UK DFID, EC, NDEP

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

Contact details

Alexander Rogachevsky
EBRD Regional Office
25 Nevsky Prospect
St Petersburg 191186


Data sources and references