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Solar Cell Coop


Detailed description of the Good Practice

In November 2004 a new citizens cooperation was started as the first Danish Solar Cell Coop, which turned ownership of solar cells into a more popular movement like previously experienced so well in Denmark regarding cooperation for windmills.
During this initiative citizens can support a sustainable energy development. Such local citizen anchoring of renewable energy is considered very positive in a period where very big companies generally take over energy production all over Europe.

energy efficiency
climate change
awareness raising

Objectives of the Good Practice

The overall aim for the Solar Cell Citizens Company is to disseminate knowledge about solar cells and the use of solar cells in Denmark - because the global location of Denmark makes it natural to utilize solar energy as one of most renewable energy sources.

Participants of the Good Practice

Main partners are house owners, municipalities, energy supply companies and interested investors.

Target group of the Good Practice


More Details of the Good Practice

Copenhagen Energy Supply Company established some years ago a “Solar Stock Exchange” where every consumer – private individual citizens as well as business companies and institutions etc – can buy “Solarelectricity” for a higher price than traditional produced electricity. The idea is that selling of solar-electricity will help cofinance more solar cell plants.
The initiative was in November 2004 followed by establishing the Copenhagen Solar Coop that was based on inspiration from the Danish windmill “adventure”, where organizing in coops made windmill investments and production develop very fast – followed by establishing many new jobs in windmill industry and later on fast growing export to foreign countries.
But a first major problem was to find suitable roof space for installing solar cells – as public house owners were worried about possibly damages to the roof for one thing – and next after claimed a high fee to rent out the roof space.

First solar cell project was put up for sale to interested citizens and companies etc. in July 2005 and all 440 shares were sold within 2½ months. Next project of 154 shares was sold within 2 weeks time. The initiative shows highly citizens interests in using Green Electricity - and the possibilities for replicating elsewhere seems good.
The initiative received the Solar Award from Copenhagen Municipality in 2005.

Available files

Contact details

Organsation / Agency: EBO Consult
Main contact: Mr. Erik Christiansen
Address: Hvidovrevej 137,
DK-2650 Hvidovre
Tel: +45 3638 3800
Fax: +45 3638 3801
E-mail: erik.christiansen@ebo.dk
Web Site: www.solcellelauget.dk

Data sources and references

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