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Millions for body and soul


Detailed description of the Good Practice

social equality
energy efficiency
water management

Municipalities take practical steps to create physical and spiritual comfort in order to make citizens happy. Many projects towards this goal are implemented in the Lithuanian port city, Klaipeda.

Energy related projects are among topical ones. The average age of heating networks in Klaipeda is 25 years. It is a critical age for heating routes that may threaten the citizens with unpleasant emergencies. Therefore, every year large sums are invested into the renovation of networks. Over three years, 64,5 million Litas, including 19,5 mil. Litas from the EU Structural Funds will be spent. From the existing 270 km of heating networks in Klaipeda, 100 km are still to be renovated. In some parts of them, up to 65 per cent of the heat losses will be saved. Another 14,7 mil. Litas will be invested to modernize related facilities, i.e. boilers. These actions do not only save fuel and reduce energy consumption, but also diminish environmental pollution.

Focus on water bodies
For the improvement of Lithuanian water bodies, over 109 mil. Litas have been allocated from the EU. With these resources 80 water bodies will be cleaned over the country – two of them in Klaipeda. Cleaning the lake Mumlaukis in Klaipeda city territory has already started: the silt from the bottom has been lifted, the islets and shores arranged, trees and bushes pruned. The newly arranged territory will add much joy to the citizens from adjacent residential areas.

For many years, a part of Curonian Bay in the outskirts of the city had been polluted by the so called cemetery of ships. Cleaning the water and shores from debris vessels and other junk is the main objective of the planned project. A well organized waterfront will become a new outing place for the dwellers of the Southern part of Klaipeda. Clean water, tidy shores, people fishing and rowing pleasure boats will completely change the scenery.


Active recreation and social wellbeing
Klaipeda has a natural pine forest – an old Giruliai Amusement Park, just ten minutes walk from the city center and stretching right to the seaside. An ongoing project will renovate its entire engineering, lighting and facilities’ infrastructure. A great attention will be paid to active recreation: equipping quality fitness and other sports grounds for children and adults, circular pedestrian and cycling tracks, cognitive paths, plots for dog training, etc. The project will be completed in year 2011.

Among social projects, the construction of a Fransiscan Oncology Support Center is one of the most interesting. Next to Klaipeda Oncologic Hospital, a complex of buildings – the Center premises with courtyards, a Chapel, an accommodation wing for Fransiscan monks is under construction. There information, services and spiritual guidance for people with cancer and their relatives will be provided. This project will highly improve the quality of life of the citizens in dramatic periods of their lives.

Recently the US magazine “Newsweek” has rated Lithuania the 34th in the global list of countries the best to live in. So, there is still much work to be done to climb up “the quality of life for all -ladder”.

Objectives of the Good Practice

to improve the quality of life of citizens of Klaipeda

Participants of the Good Practice

Municipality of Klaipeda

Target group of the Good Practice


Funding of the Good Practice

EU Structural Funds
Municipality of Klaipeda

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Data sources and references

Baltic Cities Environmental Bulletin 2/2010