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Fossil Fuel Free Kristianstad


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Kristianstad municipality is working on becoming fossil fuel free. In 1999 the executive committee of Kristianstad municipality unanimous decided to declare its will to become a Fossil Fuel Free Municipality. The reduction of fossil fuels is to be achieved primarily by the use of bio-fuels, both biomass as fuel for heating and production of electricity and biogas as fuel for local buses and other vehicles. Other activities are efforts in the field of energy efficiency and changes in behaviour patterns. Community planning is an important instrument to promote a Fossil Fuel Free municipality. The target audience is all sectors of the society, for example companies, households, children etc. The yearly CO2-emissons have been reduced by 123 000 tonnes. One conclusion that can be drawn is that it is easier to reduce the emissions from the heating sector than from transports.

Renewable energies, sustainable development

Objectives of the Good Practice




• New heating system, fuelled by pellets in 43 public buildings
• New heating system, fuelled by straw in one public building
• Increased biogas production from the waste water treatment plant
• Local heating system with bio-fuel in Åhus and Fjälkinge
• Energy saving using window efficiency

In progress:
• Conversion of small houses to district heating
• Conversion of small houses to bio-pellets
• New boiler at the CHP-plant
• Small-scale district heating in Tollarp
• Conversion of more public buildings



• Bicycle lanes aiming to reduce car traffic
• Cycle paths are now cleared of snow before, or at the same time as, roads
• Cycle campaign among municipal employees
• Bicycle pool for employees at the city hall
• Introduction of biogas as vehicle fuel
• Car-pool with biogas vehicles for employees at the city hall
• Bicycle projects for municipal inhabitants
• An Internet forum for car pooling
• Mobility management activities during the European mobility week

In progress:
• Biogas Kristianstad: a project aiming to increase the number of vehicles fuelled by biogas
• Bicycle lanes aiming to reduce car traffic are continued to be built

Participants of the Good Practice

Promoter: Municipality of Kristianstad

Key actors:
• C4 Energi AB (Kristianstad Energy Ltd)
• Renhållningen Kristianstad (Local Re-fuse Collection Company)
• E.ON Sweden
• Skånetrafiken (The Public Transport Company)
• AB Kristianstads-byggen (the Municipal House Company)

Target group of the Good Practice

The municipality of Kristianstad

Funding of the Good Practice

Municipal means & state grants

More Details of the Good Practice

Heating and electricity / Figures

  • Energy for heating sold from the power plant / 285 000 MWh
  • Electricity produced in power plant / 30 000 MWh
  • Number of dwellings connected to the heating system / 14 500
  • Number of houses converted to bio-pellets / 660
  • Number of schools converted to bio-pellets / 43
  • Biogas production from the waste water treatment plant / 6 800 MWh
  • Biogas production from the biogas production plant / 40 600 MWh
  • Electricity from wind turbine generators / 16 000 MWh
  • Electricity from two solar panels / 11 MWh
  • Cycle path network / 165 km
  • Biogas used for vehicle fuel / 11 200 MWh

Documentation and documents


Available files

Contact details

Mr Lennart Erfors
Municipality of Kristianstad
Tel: 46 - 44 - 13 61 60
e-mail: lennart.erfors@kristianstad.se

Ms Katrine Svensson
Municipality of Kristianstad
Tel: 46 - 44 - 13 54 02
e-mail: katrine.svensson@kristianstad.se

Mr Staffan Branting
Municipality of Kristianstad
Tel: 46 - 44 - 13 51 98
e-mail: staffan.branting@kristianstad.se

Data sources and references


(Visited on the 11th of November 2008)