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1/2, #117
Aalborg: From waste management to greenhouse trend English
Alytus: cross-sectoral cooperation English
Arkhangelsk: Village renewal in Arkhangelsk region English
Arvika: Planning for flooding English
Bremen: Integration of Car-Sharing English
Buetzow: Participation Local Agenda 21 English
Cesis: Environmental Development Board English
Ciechanow: Ciechanow - Sustainable Town English
Copenhagen: Climate Ambassadors English
Copenhagen: Copenhagen's waste plan 2008 English
Copenhagen: Procedure for Environmental Assessment of local … English
Developing the first mobility plan for rural territories in … English
Dogme 2000: A municipal network on sustainable urban development English
Duisburg: An example of strong local and regional cooperation English
Encouraging Local Initiatives For Sustainable Lifestyles in … English
Framework for Management strategy English
Fredrikstad: The Fredrikstad Environment Forum English
Gdansk: Gdansk avoids recession English
Göteborg: Industrial Dynamics English
Greifswald: Citizens' forum English
Halmstad: Conservation of the Cultural Heritage English
Hamburg: "New village centre" in Dambeck English
Helsingborg: City Health Development Plan English
Helsinki: Conference "Planning for Climate Change" English
Helsinki: Ecologically Safe Everyday (EKOARKI)-project English
Helsinki: Youth Nature House English
Jekabpils: Sustainable energy English
Jelenia Gora: Integrated transport planning in Jelenia Gora English
Jyväskylä: Jyväskylä’s climate program – action instead of … English
Kaliningrad: Ecological technopark English
Kaliningrad: Positive example of the implementation of … English
Kaliningrad: Waste Management CLUSTER English
Kalmar: Baltic Balance English
Kalundborg: Citizen Summit on Climate Change Adaptation in … English
Kärdla: Detailed plan for close surrounding of Kärdla harbour English
Kärdla: Peer visits - Learning from others English
Karlskrona: Karlskrona becomes climate smart English
Karlstad: Civic dialogue with a thousand measures English
Kaunas: Baseline Review English
Kaunas: Healthy City English
Kaunas: Regional Cycling Scheme English
Kemi: Beyond the crisis English
Kolding: Dematerialising municipal documents with ICT English
Komarovo: Model of Sustainable Rural Development English
Koszalin: Good conditions for development English
Kotka: Cultural Harbour and sustainable development English
Kouvola region: monitoring sustainable development English
Kristiansand: EcoLighthouse English
Kristiansand: Strategic Plan English
Kristiansand: The Eco-Lighthouse Programme English
Kristiansand: The Environmental city English
Kristianstad: Fossil Fuel Free Municipality English
Køge: Detached Houses of the Future English
Lahti: EMS and Local Agenda English
Lahti: Environmental Balance Sheet English
Lahti: New Lahti Strategy English
Lidköping: Giving SMEs the power to change English
Liepaja: Anticrisis measures English
Linköping: Youth Ombudsman making the municipality of … English
Ljungby: Sustainable Development Policy English
Ludwigsburg: Baseline Review English
Ludwigsburg: Development Plan English
Ludwigsburg: Involvement and Communication English
Malmö: Public Realm English
Method for developing Sustainability Management Centre English
Naesteved: Local Buses English
Norrbotten: A Strategy for Climate and Sustainable Energy English
Ogre: ENERLAB, energy labelling of apartment buildings English
Örebro: Cross-sectoral working group meeting English
Örebro: How to involve childrens to regional planning English
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