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2/4, #186
Flora: Mapping resources in Flora English
Framework for Communication strategy English
Freiburg: Freiburg launches new Green City Cluster portal English
Gdansk: Waste Management English
Gdynia: Ecological Subsides English
Gdynia: Recycled Paper English
Göteborg: Göteborg’s system of incinerating waste English
Göteborg: Ships cut port-side emissions English
Gothenburg: Freight Cooperation in Lundby English
Greifswald: Citizens' forum English
Guldager: Local Responsibility produced Results English
Hamburg: Climate Protection Concept for a Renewable Wilhelmsburg English
Hamburg: Containment of an Old Disposal Site English
Heidelberg: Environmental Discount Card English
Heidelberg: Passive-House Fire Station English
Heidelberg: Zero emissions district to be built in Heidelberg English
Helsinki: Ecologically Safe Everyday (EKOARKI)-project English
Helsinki: Reuse Centre English
Helsinki: Sustainable neighbourhood Eco-Viikki English
Helsinki: The ‘shopping bag’ English
Jekabpils: Sustainable energy English
Jurmala: Blue Flag beaches and cleaner rivers English
Jurmala: New solutions for development English
Kalinigrad: City of Kaliningrad focuses on water objects English
Kaliningrad: Additional Education in the Field of … English
Kaliningrad: Development of City Waste Management System English
Kaliningrad: Ecological technopark English
Kaliningrad: Waste Management CLUSTER English
Kalmar: Greener lifestyle in families English
Kalmar: Stop pollution English
Kärdla: Cormorants English
Karlskrona: Karlskrona becomes climate smart English
Karlstad: Civic dialogue with a thousand measures English
Karlstad: Daily Environment improvements through dialogue English
Karlstad: Inland waterways English
Karlstad: Innovative recycling English
Katowiche: System of water and energy media consumption … English
Kaunas: Construction of three modern gas boiler houses in … English
Kaunas: Display campaign English
Kaunas: Landfill Gas Utilisation English
Kaunas: New technologies for waste water treatment English
Khabarovsk: Community Waste Recycling Program English
Kiel: The SolarLokal Campaignin Kiel English
Klaipeda : Millions for body and soul English
Kolding: Environmentally friendly shopping English
Koszalin: Coexistence with the nature English
Kotka: Waste Fuelled Energy Plant English
Kristianstad: Fossil Fuel Free Municipality English
Kristianstad: Renewable and highly efficient CHP and … English
Kuressaare: Improving the living environment English
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