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1/2, #73
Aalborg: Bikes go electric in Aalborg English
Akershus: Green prescriptions in Oppegård English
Ciechanow: Ciechanow - Sustainable Town English
Copenhagen: Accessing ethnic minorities in public health English
Copenhagen: Health policy English
Dalarna: Energy efficient healthcare English
Development of Latvian Health Care System Investment Policy English
Dimitrovgrad: Developing the Strategy of Dimitrovgrad English
Dresden: Plans for Active Living in Dresden English
Dresden: Plans for Healthy Urban Planning in Dresden English
Framework for Communication strategy English
Helsingborg: City Health Development Plan English
Helsingborg: Health Impact Assessment English
Helsinki: Cycling in Finland English
Horsens: City Health Development Plan English
Horsens: Equality in active living English
Horsens: Healthy Urban Planning English
Horsens: Networks and necessity for elderly people English
Ingarö: Pre-Nature-School English
Izhevsk: From Isolation to Society English
Jurmala: Active Living in Jurmala English
Jurmala: Healthy Ageing English
Jurmala: New solutions for development English
Kalmar: Don't Drink & Drive English
Kalmar: Welfare report English
Kaunas: Healthy City English
Kaunas: Regional Cycling Scheme English
Kauniainen: Videophone supports elderly persons English
Klaipeda : Millions for body and soul English
Koszalin: Improvement of communication accessibility English
Kotka: Residential Quarter –Association English
Krakow: Krakow Transportation Centre (KCK) English
Kuopio: Regional Health Kuopio programme English
Kuressaare: Promoting the Health in Kuressaare English
Levanger: Culture promotes health in Levanger English
Lodz: Direction of actions for health of Lodz citizens English
Loimaa: Model for enterprise generation change English
Mainz: Health Care for Homeless English
Method:Vitality-check for villages English
Murmansk: Competence centre on family based care in the … English
Novokuznetsk: Clean and healthy accommodation in Novokuznetsk English
Odense: Cycle City English
Örebro: Baltic Sea Cycling English
Palanga: Restoration of the Palanga Botanical Park English
Panevezys: Local dissemination of Sustainable Development English
Pärnu: Service for Elderly People in Pärnu English
Petrozavodsk: Implementing eServices for citizens English
Petrozavodsk: Karelian Methodology Centre for Children and Youth English
Poznan: City Health Development Plan English
Poznan: Health Impact Assessment English
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