Good Practice

What is a Good Practice

Good Practices are actions, mechanisms or methods that provide positive results for a specific objective. In a Good Practice something new and different has been implemented. This can be new or different solutions to existing ones. Solutions can be completely new or incorporated by transference from other contexts.

In Good Practice, innovation can be found in the process (measures, contents, methods, approaches, tools), in the object (new areas of interest, new social groups) or in the context (adaptation or improvement on the cur-rent conditions, starting-up of networks).

Good Practice has a possible multiplying effect or transference to other areas; it should be visible, communicable, shareable (horizontally) and/or be possible to integrate and apply to systems and regulations (vertically). Good Practice is sustainable by being self-supporting. It has created a need for itself, it is being assumed as a service and/or it is able to produce improvements for the society.

Good practices:

  • are actions, mechanisms and methods with a positive result for a specific objective
  • are new and innovative
  • are transferable to other contexts/areas
  • have multiplying effects
  • produce improvements for society