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Centre for Applied Ecology


Detailed description of the Good Practice

By the beautiful but lightly trafficked road from Halden in Norway to Hällevadsholm in Sweden lies an ecological attraction that deserves to be better known than it is. This is the "Centre for Applied Ecology". It has two parts, one on either side of the road and about a kilometre apart, just south of the hamlet of Östad. The oldest is Tingvall Farm, which has been an experimental farm, owned by a regional association that promotes rural development, since 1945. Since 1990, it has been 100 % organic, with a special role as a research and demonstration unit for organic milk production.

The other part, west of the road, comprises the Tingvall Gardens and the Tingvall Eco-Lodge (or Eko-logi in Swedish, which can also be read as "ecology" pure and simple). The Lodge, which has been built and expanded in several stages since 1996, hosts courses, conferences and the occasional wedding or birthday party during the winter, while in the summer it serves as a Youth Hostel. The Lodge is built of sound materials throughout - mainly wood, with cellulose insulation and linseed-oil paint, as little plastc as possible and no PVC. Wood is used both for space heating, water heating and cooking. The Eco-Lodge was originally 100 % self-sufficient in electricity from its own solar panels and three small windmills, and all its electric equipment ran on 24 V direct current. Although there is battery storage, this meant that that the lights mighjt simply go out if there had been no wind blowing or sun shining for a couple of days - a risk the owners were willing to face. However, when they started serving food to large numbers of guests, the law required a dishwasher and a freezer in the kitchen - not susceptible to frequent power cuts and not available as 24 V DC models anyway. So the Eco-Lodge is now connected to the grid.

On the other hand, its cuisine is worthy of this sacrifice. Almost all food is prepared entirely on the spot, much of it coming from the Tingvall Gardens, which are full of rare as well as common vegetables and herbs - all organically grown of course, and worth a visit in themselves. On the way from the Lodge to the Gardens you pass a series of ponds, which are for natural wastewater treatrment. Guided tours are available during the summer for SEK 40 (€ 40). The Tingvall Farm si also open to visitors by appointment.

sustainable consumption
ecological education

Objectives of the Good Practice

to demonstrate an example of responsible consumption and lifestyle choice

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Centre for Applied Ecology

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city of Copenhagen

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Vester Gror
Address Istedgate 79, DK-1650 København V
Telephone +45-33 25 70 79
Telefax vestergror@dk-online.dk