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A community association


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Bråbygden is a small rural community in sotheastern Sweden with about 200 inhabitants living in dispersed settlements. Until recently the population was steadily declining angd ageing, but today it is attracting new settlers, and the average age is just 35.
In the late 1980's groups of reidents met to discuss an environmental issue of importance to the community - how to take care of the agricultural landscape. In 1993 a community association - Bråbygdens intresseförening - was eatablished. Most of the inhabitants are now active in working groups or projects of various kinds.

A "Naturum" (nature information centre) has been established in a building belonging to the long-closed local school. It shows visitors how modern agriculture has changed the natural environment. Outside, old meadows and pastures have been preserved. Their rich flora has become a magnet for school classes, foriegn scientists and tourists alike. Working facilities for scientists are provided, as are sleeping facilities for tourists, the latter in a former shop which has been converted into a youth hostel.

The community association is establishing a "Nature and Culture School", which aims to recruit pupils from the whole region. They will get the chance to study nature at first hand as a supplement to their normal education. The community will also carry out a participatory planning process with the aim of finding out how new residential areas can be developed so that they fit into the existing agricultural landscape.

Most of the projects in Bråbygden rely on voluntary work, but they have also received support from central government funds for environmental projects and from EU programmes such as LIFE og Interreg, in which Bråbygden is participating. The changes in Bråbygden are a good example of how local effort combined with national and international assistance can lead to positive development. An archaic rural structure has become the basis for something new and forward-looking.

ecological education

Objectives of the Good Practice

to contribute to positive development of the community

Participants of the Good Practice

citizens of Bråbygden

Target group of the Good Practice

citizens of Bråbygden

More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents

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Contact details

Bråbygdens intresseförening
Address Bråbogården, Östantorp, 570 91 Kristdala
Telephone +46-491-711 56
E-mail brabygden@telia.com
WEB-address http://www.brabygden.org

Data sources and references

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