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Own bus for inner-city dwellers


Detailed description of the Good Practice

For the inhabitants of Lundtoftegade in Nørrebro in central Copenhagen a bus called "Lundte" has become an important meeting place. The housing co-operative belongs to the AKB association. In 1995 AKB bought a bus the for the people in the co-operative. The dwellers have made trips to everything from the supermarket to Legoland. Before owning this bus, the neighbours had rarely said "hello" to each-other. Now the neighbours have got to know each other through trips and activities, and by sitting next to each other in the bus. One of the residents, Lissi Dohr, tells that she went abroad for the first time when she went with the bus on holiday to Poland.

The idea arose in 1995, when AKB’s department in Lundtoftegade got money through the Copenhagen head office. A residents' association and the Social Centre in Nørrebro also took part in the venture. The residents got help to carry out the plan through a residents' advisor. The bus was bought second hand for 112. 000 kroner (around 14 000 Euros). The chairperson of the residents' association is very happy with the investment, especially since vandalism has gone down in the neighbourhood, saving the association a lot of money.

sustainable transport

Objectives of the Good Practice

to promote cooperation and joint activities of the dwellers of the district and to decrease the use of private cars

Participants of the Good Practice

Housing Association (AKB) and municipality

Target group of the Good Practice

dwellers of the district

Funding of the Good Practice

Housing Association (AKB) and municipal support

More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents

Stiftelsen Idebanken http://idebanken.no

Available files

Contact details

AKB Lundtoftegate, Beboernes prosjektkontor
Address Lundetoftegate 57, DK-2200 København
Telephone + 45 35 81 24 57

Data sources and references

Stiftelsen Idebanken http://idebanken.no/english/Goodexamples/hoved.html (Accessed April 13, 2009)