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Sustainable Urban Transport


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Since 1993 Göteborg has worked with transport and mobility issues and is now aiming at a long-term integrated approach
A sustainable urban transport policy for efficient, safe and sustainable mobility was developed.
The focus here was on:
Reduce demand for transportation
Shift focus towards more sustainable means of transportation
Make transportation more efficient
Reduce solitary car journeys by 9-12% (2010)
Support new technology in vehicles
Reach synergy by collaboration

  • sustainable mobility
  • sustainability transport

Objectives of the Good Practice

Objectives of the sustainable transport policy are:
increasing of public transport and bicycle use instead of care use

Target group of the Good Practice

the inhabitants, companies, schools

More Details of the Good Practice

To achieve the objective of multimodal travel pattern consitsing of public transport, car-sharing and increased use of bicycles the Lundby Mobility Centre was founded in 2000. The centre should be an open-house carrying out activities in the local district, at companies and workplaces (open-air activities, meetings, seminars, cyclists rewards, staff information)

Special projects:
Scrap that car
Exhaust emission measuring
Bikers for health
School activities
Sending out information and invitations for the media
Trying to influence by phone
Travel surveys at companies
Bike sharing
Mobility coaching
Car sharing systems for companies and individuals

The knowledge about the centre increased to about 50% of the inhabitants know about Lunby Mobility Centres work. Also in companies the centre has a good reputation.

Referring to different traget groups, certain activities were carried out:
1. Individuals
Mobility Centre
Individualised marketing of 120 000 households
Mobility newspaper
Mobility Coaching
Bike week
European Mobility Week

2. Comapnies and work places
Meetings with managers
Web travel survey at > 40 workplaces, 20 000 persons
Transport information to employees
Lunch meetings and seminars
Pilot projects
Network of companies & public workplaces

3. Children and Youth
School material for all ages (6-19 years old)
Training for teachers
Walking & cycling to school campaign
Young Rider – Safe moped campaign
Don’t drink & drive campaign

4. Inner city freight distribution
Local network with stakeholders from the whole freight distribution chain
Pilot with incentives for increased load factor in inner city distribution
Consolidation scheme for University campus area
Freight flow study for the Göteborg area

5. Cycling
New cycling map, Bicycle facts, Bicycle folder
Bicycle week
Cycling courses for immigrant women
Cycle review
Cycle centre at the Travel Centre
Bike Sharing system in Lundby
Cycle pool at the municipality
Bicycle lighting project

Available files

Contact details

Gunilla Fransson

Data sources and references

Presentation at NB-AC Meeting Riga 2007