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Young money


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Young Money is a subvention from Örebro municipality to young people who want to realize culture and pleasure events of different kind for other young people. Young Money shall promote, support and inspire events for young people, ideas and creativity concerning project and arrangement of culture or pleasure character. If you are a person between 13-24 years old and are living in Örebro, you can apply for Young Money support.

Objectives of the Good Practice

It is possible to apply for project support for any idea of a cultural or enjoyment character for other young people in Örebro. The arrangement should be open for all, should be drug free, and not have a religious content or a political propaganda and should be carried out in Örebro municipality. It is not possible to apply for a school project or a sport tournament. It is possible to apply for maximum 5000 sek for a project.

Target group of the Good Practice

Young people

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

Contact details

For more information, take contact with:
Jan Rindar, Örebro municipality

email: jan.rindar@orebro.se