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Detailed description of the Good Practice

The city of Bremen found its own way to fight with climate change and promote climate change measures, namely it organizes Veggiday, the day when all canteens, restaurants, cafes, schools and kindergartens don’t cook any meat food.

Although as it seems that one day without any meat isn’t much, but in sum 52 days per year can save as much as 40 000 cars produce CO2 emissions, as it was proved by statistics that production of cow meat is a source of large quantities of methane, a gas that 25 times more harmful than CO2.

One more commitment of this campaign is to promote organic and locally produced food that are much more climate-friendly that usually produced food

sustainable consumption
awareness raising

Objectives of the Good Practice

to organize the initiative on meat-off day and promotion of organic and local produced food as one of the climate change measures

Participants of the Good Practice

canteens, restaurants, cafes, schools and kindergartens

Target group of the Good Practice


Funding of the Good Practice

The City of Bremen

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

Data sources and references

The Veggiday website
(Accessed March, 2, 2010)