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SOL-TAG (Sun Roof)


Detailed description of the Good Practice

SOL-TAG is developed under the new European directive for energy performance in buildings – as an example of how this directive can be used to optimise buildings and achieve a carbon neutral house by using renewable energy. It is a housing unit that can be attached to existing multi-storey housing without the need for connection to the buildings existing energy systems. The flat roofs can thus be used as new building plots with upgraded roof and housing areas. By using thermal solar energy and upgrading the use of solar cells the SOL-TAG unit can achieve an energy consumption of 0 kWh/m2 for heating. A demo house can be seen at the grounds of the VELUX corporate headquarters north of Copenhagen.

energy efficiency
renewable sources of energy
climate change

Objectives of the Good Practice

Project aim was to develop a prototype for a roof-top housing unit that can meet the need for providing extra housing areas where you in many big cities have limited space for new building plots. And to make it possible to improve economy in renovation of old flat-roofed building blocks by establishing extra housing areas that can be sold and thus help paying renovation costs.
Another part of project aim was to develop this housing unit as a prefabricated energy efficient unit – to make it possible to reach a carbon neutral operation by use of renewable energy.

Participants of the Good Practice

VELUX company
Partners to VELUX are leading Danish building component manufacturers, building developers, energy and daylight specialists etc. and financial contributions primarily

Funding of the Good Practice

building component manufacturers with a co-financing from Danish National Energy Agency.

More Details of the Good Practice

The idea of the energy efficient house unit became reality in 2005 as a demo house. SOL-TAG is a prototype developed and produced for display and demonstration.
The layout for a basic SOL-TAG unit spans 84 m2 in two basic modules that fit together. One module contains the main installations and kitchen unit, bathroom, hall and bedroom – the other module consists of dining and living areas with an open loft space.

Available files

Contact details

Project Web Site: http:www.soltag.net
Organisation / Agency: Velux Danmark A/S
Main contact Torben Thyregod Jensen
Address: Aadalsvej 99, DK-2970 Horsholm
Tel: +45 4516 4000
Fax: n/a
E-mail: torben.thyregod@velux.com
Web Site: www.velux.com

Data sources and references

CD Sustainable Energy Communities