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Energetic Optimisation of buildings of plant Procter & Gamble Manufacturing GmbH


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Due to a comprehensive energetic optimisation process in the Procter & Gamble Manufacturing GmbH (P&G) Crailsheim plant, its overall energy efficiency could be improved by 24.5 % within a 3 years time period. By this the increase of energy supply cost could be fully compensated and the total demand of energy and water for the 68.000 m2 of buildings could be systematically reduced. With an investment of 275,000 € the yearly energy costs could be reduced by 205,000 €. For this initiative the P&G plant of Crailsheim was awarded with the Kfw-Energy Efficiency Award 2006. The P&G Crailsheim energy team emphatically wishes the reuse by copy and paste in other industrial buildings with such an opportunity.

energy efficiency
sustainable economy

Objectives of the Good Practice

The primary objective of the measure was a consistent and exemplary implementation of energy efficiency and cost reduction measures according to the ambitious environmental and sustainability standards of P&G.

Participants of the Good Practice

The participation in the regional network of 17 enterprises 'Hohenloher Energy Efficiency Table' and the cooperation with the consultant savemaxx GmbH (mp group) has been of advantage for P&G.

More Details of the Good Practice

P&G has a strong commitment to continuously and sustainably reduce environmental loads caused by its products, the packing and the production. CO2 emissions, disposed waste, and energy and water consumption of P&G's operations shall be reduced by at least 40 % by 2012 and the strong global P&G sustainability program is supporting energy efficiency projects in the its plants. P&G's sustainability commitment is recognized by many organisations and demonstrated by the top ranking of P&G in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.
In the Crailsheim plant more than 900 employees develop and produce in a fully continuous shift operation the ladies' hygienic products Always® and Alldays® as well as household cleaning products of the Swiffer ® brand. The plant was built in the end seventies and grew in several phases to its today's size of about 68,000 m2 (of which 48,000 m2 with heating, ventilation, air conditioning).

Energetic success improves costs structures!
Within three years the overall energy efficiency of the P&G Crailsheim plant was improved by 24,5 %. Direct and indirect CO2- emmissions were reduced by 26 %. It is an economical success that the increase of energy supply cost could be fully compensated for each production unit.

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Contact details

Organsation / Agency: Procter & Gamble
Manufacturing GmbH
Main contact: Mr. Jürgen Szilinski
Address: Procter & Gamble Str 1
D-74564 Crailsheim
Tel: +49 7951 34368
Fax: n / a
E-mail: szilinski.j@pg.com
Web Site: www.pg.com

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