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Organised hitch-hiking via smartphones


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Smartphone applications increasingly offer real-time information on public transport, car-sharing and public bicycles. New software products allow car drivers’ navigation systems to link up with potential co-riders’ smartphones. This innovative concept allows for real-time car-pooling even on short distances.

Four students established the start-up company flinc and tested the concept in a joint venture with Deutsche Telecom and the City of Friedrichshafen. From 2011, the company expects to implement the concept in several "innovation regions".

This concept complements other new initiatives on mobility. For example, the City of Ulm and Daimler collaborated to establish the Internet platform 'car2gether', another virtual car-pooling platform.

climate change

Objectives of the Good Practice

to allow car drivers’ navigation systems to link up with potential co-riders’ smartphones

Participants of the Good Practice

Deutsche Telecom and the City of Friedrichshafen

Target group of the Good Practice

potential co-riders

More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents

More Information : http://www.flinc.org/world

Available files

Data sources and references

European Local Transport Information Service
(Accessed March, 2, 2011)