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Integrated transport planning in Jelenia Gora

Jelenia Gora

Detailed description of the Good Practice

The Poviat of Jelenia Gora is located in the southwestern part of Lower Silesia Voivodeship and consists of five rural and four urban municipalities. When various public institutions began to discuss how to improve the quality of life in the region it was quickly realised that there was an acute need for an integrated transport system covering the whole region. The existing regional transportation system was fragmented, time-demanding and was dominated by private transportation with the utilisation rate of public transport remaining quite low. That is one of the reasons why many people favor private cars instead of public transport when commuting between home and the workplace. In addition improvements to the connections between the district and the main city of Jelenia Góra were necessary.

quality of life
stakeholder involvement

Objectives of the Good Practice

to ease commuting between the district and the main city Jelenia Góra, which is also the centre of services and trade in the region

Participants of the Good Practice

Local and regional authorities of the Poviat of Jelenia Gora

Target group of the Good Practice

inhabitants of the Poviat of Jelenia Gora

Funding of the Good Practice

the European Union (European Regional Development Fund within the BSR Programme)
Local and regional authorities of the Poviat of Jelenia Gora

More Details of the Good Practice

The concept of integrated transport system which utilises various transportation modes including cycling, railway and bus connections was prepared in a cooperative process. Polish spatial planning experts were appointed to analyse the existing transport structure in the region, and to lead the elaboration of a new plan based on these results. Five local stakeholder meetings were organised in the region designed to involve various groups in the planning process.

The participants in these meetings included representatives of local public authorities, local railroad institutions, bus, cycling and transport offices and spatial planning institutions in the region of Lower Silesia and Jelenia Góra Poviat. During the meetings participants were consulted about the ideas and plans prepared by the spatial planning experts and were given a chance to discuss the alternatives as well as various other aspects related to the plan. All of the suggestions provided in the meetings were analysed and taken into account in the further development of the plan. The planning process involved over 100 representatives from the various institutions with whom cooperation is expected to be maintained after the project is concluded.

The concept of an integrated transport system is now established. It recognises a very important issue in the area, namely, how the facilitation and integration of people moving around sustainably will also increase the quality of life of the people living and visiting the area.

Documentation and documents

NEW BRIDGES project http://www.urbanrural.net

Available files

Contact details

Katarzyna Pisarek
e-mail: katarzyna.pisarek@dolnyslask.pl

Mr. Lauri Hooli
Project coordinator
Mob. +358 40 764 0683

Ms. Maija Rusanen
Communication coordinator
Mob. +358 44 9075994

Data sources and references

Planning Together for Better Quality of Life - Guide for Integrated Management of Urban Rural Interaction
News Bridge 1/2011