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Peer visits - Learning from others


Detailed description of the Good Practice

During the NEW BRIDGES project peer visits – study trips to explore other partners’ activities and experiences - played an important role when developing Pilot Actions in the city-regions. Each city-region visited at least one other project partner whom they considered as a ‘best practice’ example to support their own work. As a result, both visiting and hosting partner gained an insight into the work done in other Baltic Sea Region states and took home new ideas and inspiration for further development of the concept of urban-rural interaction and quality of life in their own city-region.

urban planning
quality of life
stakeholder involvement

Objectives of the Good Practice

to help project partners to see and evaluate their own procedures from a different point of view

Participants of the Good Practice

Turku and Hamburg project partners

Target group of the Good Practice

Hiiumaa project partners

Funding of the Good Practice

the European Union (European Regional Development Fund within the BSR Programme), partners.

More Details of the Good Practice

Peer visits also helped in the shaping and development of Hiiumaa’s Pilot Action – the detailed plan for Kärdla harbour. During the project Hiiumaa representatives visited Hamburg in Germany and the Turku archipelago in Finland. Annely Veevo, Project Adviser from Hiiu County Government, describes the peer visit as a valuable method of learning from others and of gaining fresh ideas for one’s own work.
Reflecting on other region’s activities helps you to see and evaluate your own procedures from a different point of view. It can also prevent a repeat of the mistakes made elsewhere and means that there is no need to constantly reinvent the wheel.

Documentation and documents

NEW BRIDGES project http://www.urbanrural.net/index.php/ur:outputs_0

Available files

Contact details

Annely Veevo
e-mail: annely@kardla.ee

Mr. Lauri Hooli
Project coordinator
Mob. +358 40 764 0683

Ms. Maija Rusanen
Communication coordinator
Mob. +358 44 9075994

Data sources and references

Planning Together for Better Quality of Life - Guide for Integrated Management of Urban Rural Interaction
News Bridge 1/2011