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Sustainable Urban Transport -how to make citizens take control


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Action already taken:

  • BUSTRIP pilot action project to produce School Travel Plans
  • Identifying local stakeholders (students), practical actions and empowering local users
  • Linking results to political change process as well as public advertising campaign
  • Providing students with rewards
  • Actively involving students in advertising and promotional campaigns

Current actions:

  • Kaunas already has one of the cleanest urban public transport systems in Europe –the trolleybus system
  • Campaign to change citizen thinking
  • Working with specific groups of transport users
  • Produced information on project success
  • citizen participation
  • urban transport
  • sustainable urban transport
  • better mobility

More Details of the Good Practice

  • Citizens rarely have a voice in local city planning decisions –it is our job to change this
  • Every time we achieve a result –this must be effectively communicated to the public
  • Improve format and content of normal media / promotional channels for dissemination of information
  • Link local activity to national campaigns -this can bring in extra resources and funding
  • It is productive to work directly with specific public transport users
  • Citizens can provide evidence and recommendations for improvements for better mobility
  • However -ensure some citizen recommendations can be implemented immediately!
  • Understand the benefits for your city of international / European networks and partnership cooperation

Available files

Contact details

James McGeever

Data sources and references

Nordic-Baltic Aalborg Commitments Network Meeting
February 6, 2008 – Tampere - FINLAND