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Community Planning


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Transnational cooperation on sustainable urban transport planning development made Pärnu realize the need for a cross-sectoral approach in transport planning.

The scope is to diminish the use of cars by developing a fair, accessible and attractive public transport system, by developing concrete bicycle policy for the city and by handling the seasonal transport problems accompanied by tourists.

City planning, stakeholder involvement.

Objectives of the Good Practice

Cross-sectoral approach in transport planning, especially the need to integrate land-use and transport planning. The main goal of the process was to diminish the use of private cars in the city.

Participants of the Good Practice

Number of specialists and stakeholders

Target group of the Good Practice

City and the citizens.

More Details of the Good Practice

Pärnu has taken the most important first steps to get started with the development of a sustainable urban transport planning (SUTP). It has been possible by agreeing on the SUTP scope and definition in cooperation with the cross-sectoral stakeholders and together with a transnational experience exchange. On the local level, a number of specialists and stakeholders from various fields have been involved in the cooperation to make the definition and scope for the Pärnu SUTP.

As a result of the process, not only the scope and definition of Pärnu SUTP has been set but also a common vision for the whole functional city region has been derived. Making the quality of urban environment and living better is the key for Pärnu in the future.

Available files

BUSTRIP_nl3.pdf1.37 MiB

Contact details

Grete Kukk
Senior Specialist of Urban Development, City of Pärnu

Data sources and references

BUSTRIP - Moving Sustainably. Newsletter 3. September 2007. (As an attachment)