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Peer Review in Transport Planning


Detailed description of the Good Practice

As a participating city in the EU-funded project “BUSTRIP”, led by the UBC Commission on Environment, Gdynia used the peer review method for investigating their transport planning. Gdynia’s aim was to get new ideas for the development of the SUTP, a transport system that allows basic access and development needs for individuals, a transport system that is safe, quiet, affordable, operates well and efficiently, offers different choices of transport modes, limits emissions and waste, uses renewable resources and minimizes the impact on the use of land.

  • Sustainable urban transport
  • Stakeholder involvement

Objectives of the Good Practice

The aim was to get a clearer picture, good comments and inspiration for developing a sustainable urban transport plan for the city.

Participants of the Good Practice

The peer review team consisted of colleagues from Turku, Finland; Tartu, Estonia and Kaunas, Lithuania (all participants in BUSTRIP) as well as members of UBC Commissions on Environment and Transport

Target group of the Good Practice

The city.

Funding of the Good Practice

The city of Gdynia, the BUSTRIP project (which was partly financed by EU).

More Details of the Good Practice

The “critical friends” carried out a desk review of Gdynia’s self assessment report, discussed the progress of the city and formulated concerns and important issues. The peer-review team met with different stakeholders in Gdynia including business and citizens. The team tried out the public transport system as well.

The peer review team examined processes in the city relating to the aim and found out weaknesses and strengths, gave comments and recommendation that formed the peer review report in the very end of the method.

Available files

Contact details

Alicja Pawlowska
Traffic Engineering Department
Gdynia City Hall
Al. Marszalka Pilsudskiego
81-382 Gdynia
Tel: 058 669 89 25
Fax: 058 669 89 22
e-mail: a.pawlowska@gdynia.pl
www: www.gdynia.pl

Data sources and references

UBC Commission on Environment (2007): Moving Sustainably – Guide to Sustainable Urban Transport Plans.